Ideas For Christmas Greeting Cards In 2021

While you are getting your Christmas tree ready and doing all the shopping needed for the gifts, you realize you need greeting cards for festive season 2021 including Christmas and New year. 

How about, for a change, you spend one Saturday afternoon along with your family making the greeting cards by yourself. Not only will you end up enjoying the quality time spent with family, the recipients of your greeting cards will appreciate the effort that goes into making handmade greeting cards. 

We are always excited to share what we know about paper craft and the endless inventory at ThunderBolt Paper that is  available for you to explore. Here are a few tips to start with. 

Try different papers

Cardstock is a crucial part of the greeting card process as you might already know from having gifted all received greeting cards. Cardstock is a slightly thicker paper as compared to copy paper and it is known for its ability to hold up by itself. 

You can try different thicknesses of cardstock and try varieties such as Kraft paper, cardboard or Chipboard sheets or vellum paper to be used in greeting cards.

Without overdoing anything you can use pretty much anything you have from a piece of fabric, buttons, thread stitching patterns, washi tapes or ribbons to make simple greeting cards. 

Add stickers

Adding cutout stickers, photos , flowers for about anything adds to the charm of your greeting cards.

 You can reuse old greeting cards invitation cards for carefully cutting out stickers to decorate your festive season greeting cards. 

If you like you can also use a die cutting machine for making some unique stickers with the premade die cuts making them easier to replicate or making multiple copies of. 

Try Embossing

If you would like to bring about a texture or a noticeable raised surface for your greeting cards you could try some basic embossing. 

You could try some of the basic embossing tools to give a three dimensional impression to your greeting cards.

You also try some embossing ink to write a few words or stamp some quotations over your card, then use some setting powder over the ink. Then by using the heat gun you can warm the back side of the embossed area for a slightly raised appearance. 

Pop up cards are easy

We have always seen different varieties of pop up cards that appear everything from fancy to funny and unique. 

You can follow up on several tutorials available over the internet for an easy step by step process for making pop up cards. 

Try including different colored papers to make unique and noticeable pop ups.

Photo cards

An excellent opportunity to use all the highlights of the year with a photo card. You can print a simple collage with good quality photo paper that can be used in your greeting cards. 

You can even print colored photos of the family and use it to make the classic family picture card. 

Family picture cards have always been a great way to share news of the general family wellness to the extended family and friends enriching family values.

Include a message 

Greeting card for any occasion will be incomplete without a short and simple greeting, wishes or a personal message. 

You can of course customise your messages for a special few by including some interesting anecdote or candid feelings. 

For a rather formal setting keep the message short and sweet. And by the end whoever that you might be sending these greeting cards to, don't forget to sign them with your name at the end followed by a replying address. 

In the end, Greeting cards are meant to be gentle reminders of how we are all grateful to have family and friends that we can share the season's cheer with. Making greeting cards yourself is an excellent way to customise your sentiments and wishes for the recipients. We would love to know how your experience with greeting cards for the festive season 2021 turned out to be in the comments, or any of our social media handles.