Take Family Photos For Festive Season Greeting Cards

The excitement of the holiday season is here and we cannot contain ourselves with all the things that could be done. There is just so much decoration, food and fun to be enjoyed during this time. Especially with the exceptional circumstances of celebrating being alive after surviving a pandemic, the holiday cheer is exceptionally exhilarating.  

Among the holiday shopping and endless celebratory gatherings, this is the best time to take all the beautiful photos you can for your family greeting cards.

So, at ThunderBolt paper, we want to help you take the best photos of this season for your family picture cards displayed over the mantle or just about anywhere that you like to have your family photos. 

Plan everything in advance

This goes without saying that if you are planning to take some family photographs you will need to plan some free time for the whole day depending on your plans. 

Call family 

If you plan to include everyone who is a part of your extended family you will need to call everyone and plan for a day well in advance for photos. 

Pick outfits 

Of course you would want to be dressed in your best outfits but you can take it a step further by deciding on maybe a similar color palette for coordinated if not matching outfits.

Decide on themes

You can decide if you want to perhaps plan on a theme that is suitable for everybody. It can be anything from Christmas themes to Avengers or even Disney characters for all you like. 

Choose outdoors

Not that we are suggesting that you cannot take photos indoors but for good quality photos you might need extra lighting equipment. Why not choose an outdoor location with proper lighting instead.

Think of lighting 

For any high definition good quality photos outdoor settings provide you with perfect exposure, natural lighting and settings for your family photos . 

Wide open spaces 

Rather than getting a family of 10-15 people trapped in a room it's better to choose open  whitespaces that allows everyone to be included in the frame without having to shadow or hide anyone. 

Stabilize with a tripod

If you plan to take the photos yourself rather than professional photographers we advise you to use a tripod. There may not be much difference between using a phone or a professional camera if you know how to stabilize your photos with using a tripod. 

Using timer

You can use the camera with a self timer for timing your own participation in the photo as well. You might as well choose the best mode for taking these photos so as to be able to choose the best shot of all. 

Get ready for candids

The whole idea of getting your family involved especially if it includes kids is to grab some natural candid photographs. 

Let everyone be comfortable

With the possibilities that open up with candid photography you can simply let people enjoy themselves while you take some photos. The most natural and perfect photos are usually the ones that are taken of candid moments. 

Use continuous autofocus

It's better to let the people be as even if they are kids and use the camera and it's autofocus functions to take photos whenever it detects motion. 

Choose photo paper 

You will have proper time to choose photos from a series of photos for your display or family greeting cards for the festive season of 2021. Make sure you spend some time exploring the options you can choose for printing your photos. 

Find suitable size

From A5 size to poster size, you can find photo printing paper to suit all your ideas and needs. Depending on your plans for printing these photos you can browse through all available sizes available at ThunderBolt paper. 

Select from finishes

Even if you might have always seen a common glossy finish photo paper you can take some time to explore through to other available options. The matte finish photo paper has less of a glare and is perfectly suited for indoor display of photos whereas a pearl finish paper is a good mixture of both glossy and shiny photo printing paper. 

Choose Cardstock for cards

If you are done printing photos for your personal greeting cards for this place you can now move on to getting some cardstock meant for family photo cards. 

In the end, it is all about having fun with your family, and taking some good photos that can be used for different purposes. Use these tips and let us know what works best for your greeting cards.