Celebrating Festive Season 2021 With Paper Ornaments

Whether you like to spend your holidays making elaborate dinners and hosting parties for friends and family or spend it with your loved ones at home, it definitely includes a Christmas tree. 

A lot of us have grown up on Christmas morning with presents under the Christmas tree. Having a Christmas tree along with decorating it is a huge part of the Christmas or holiday traditions. 

Even though it may not be  known why we do it at all, decorating a Christmas tree is a fun activity that begins many days before Christmas. At ThunderBolt paper, we are always as excited as everybody else for the holiday season and decorating Christmas trees with a variety of ornaments and materials.

Here is what we know about Christmas tree decorations

You can get a Real or plastic tree

At the very basic level, you don't need to get a real tree each Christmas. You can gather all the pleasure of having a fully decorated Christmas tree in your living room without having to go find a real tree.

At the very basic level, the real tree may only differ in having a Christmas tree pine smell. And the fact that you can adjust and bend a plastic tree's branches to fit your space can be highly convenient for some. 

Of course, make sure you use gloves to handle your plastic or a real tree.

Choose a place for your tree

You have to be mindful about the size of your tree according to the space you have for it. 

You will need a proper area designated for the tree and the gifts at its base that can be left undisturbed for at least a week or two. 

Next, you will need to find somewhere well lit and carefully placed without getting in the way and allowing good photos at the same time. 

Lights are basic

There is a high chance that the first thing you'd want to do is find some pretty lights to fix around your tree. Having a well-lit tree is the quintessential image of the Christmas tree that we have in our heads and Christmas cards.

Try to check out different sizes of light bulbs to try on your Christmas tree. 

Although there is hardly any rule for how many colors you can use for lights, you could try and put multicolored or similar colors or even single colored lights according to your taste. 

Make sure to cover the base

Even though you may not have many gifts to give to anyone in particular, you might still need to cover the base of the tree. You can even grab all the cardboard boxes that you have and cover them with pretty gift wrapping paper and participate in the festive cheer. 

You can use different  pieces of fabric or a blanket to cover the area where the base of the tree or the metal stand for your plastic tree. 

Another common way to cover or decorate the base of the tree is to find a couple of throw pillows or cushions matching the decor. 

Try different materials for decorations 

You might want to try a variety of materials for decorating your Christmas tree. Some common variants are long fabric pieces in festive, appropriate colors to drape around the tree. 

Ribbons are a common sight for everything festive, and they are a good fit for the tree as well. You can make pretty bows, or roses that you can easily make with folding the ribbons. 

Try paper for ornaments

 At ThunderBolt paper, we are obviously big fans of all things you can do with paper and would love for you to try some of them as well. 

  1. Making a paper nativity village is a really easy task with different colored cardstock that can be cut into shape, and it'll hold itself up. 
  2. You can try 3D snowflakes that can be made easily with the help of some stencils you can find online, cut along the instructions and put up with a string. 
  3. You can make pretty much any shape with paper mache and use them for making small lamps, Christmas trees or colorful balls as ornaments with the help of an online tutorial.
  4. Print some photos of the size you like and hang them over the tree with small frames made with parchment paper or cardstock backdrop.

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