Guide To Winter Weddings And Decorations

Because of being part of a worldwide phenomena such as the pandemic a lot of us had to delay, postpone or cancel one thing or another. For the same reason a lot of weddings also had to be delayed or cancelled. For those of us who could come up with an alternative or an option to do it online over a Zoom call, we took it and went on with our lives. 

But for those who wanted nothing but a proper wedding with all their friends and family around them things are only beginning to look good. In the middle of all the festive chairs of the season, if you are also planning for a winter wedding this article is for you. 

We will go through a few tips and suggestions that work perfectly well for a winter wedding and you.

Especially if you are also a paper craft enthusiast such as all of us at ThunderBolt Paper please read on. 

Keep the festive season in mind

Even though you might have already been planning all this time, you must be mindful of the festive season. 

People might have their office parties for private parties with their families going on. So plan accordingly and keep a date that does not clash or inside with another celebratory holiday, and invite all your friends and family accordingly. 

You can also keep the possibility of having a zoom link available for people who cannot join you.

Arrange for hot beverages

Keeping the current weather conditions in mind make sure that you include warm drinks and beverages for your wedding celebration.

Be sure to try and explore all the options that you have for drinks beforehand so that your guests feel welcome and enjoy themselves while you get married. 

You can consider the outdoors too 

Although  winter weddings are usually entirely indoors, those who would want to have a wedding or a celebration outdoors must keep a few things ready. 

Arrange for a firepit multiple fire pits for your guests to sit around and keep themselves comfortable. 

Even though tuxedos and heavily layered sequined dresses might be best suited for the winter, for those who may need extra layers you can even keep some small blankets nearby.

Include Paper decorations 

Unless you have already decided on what decorations you would like at your wedding we have some suggestions. Why not include paper handcrafted decorations to add something unique and beautiful to your wedding venue. Especially since beautiful paper such as parchment paper, in all its glory, can be highly versatile and dynamic in terms of not only your invitation cards but also decoration while being highly affordable. 


Lanterns made out of soft paper are an excellent addition to the lighting scheme you have decided for your wedding. You can also turn beautiful white twinkling lights into two small lanterns on a wire for a beautiful festive look that will definitely look amazing in photos. 


It can be a fair advantage to have everything around you being decorated for the festive season which can very well be part of your wedding. In the same manner you can also include some festive decorations that are entirely made of paper so that they can last longer such as a wreath or colored soft paper ornaments. 

Paper flowers 

One of the main features of a wedding decoration is a bunch of different flowers. Why not invest in some flowers made out of paper that can last even beyond your wedding looking beautiful and fresh as long as you like. 


For the multiple tables that you will be decorating for your guests you can ensure that they are met with beautiful centerpieces made entirely out of paper. You can even include fabric, feathers, ribbons or twigs when you finish assembling the centerpieces. 

Gift bags 

When it comes to thanking your guests for being a part of your wedding celebrations, you have the option of either buying some paper bags or making some customised and affordable paper bags made from recyclable materials such as  Kraft paper. 

Paper mats for kids 

For keeping the adults as well as their little kids busy you can also include placemats made out of paper that can double as drawing or scribbling sheets. 

At the end of the day what matters is that you can enjoy yourself while you take the step for the next part of your life being married. We would love to hear from you if these steps work for you or not in the comments aur any of our social media handles.