Plan Your Festive Boxing Day In 2021

After having worked all year long, people from all over the world look forward to the end of the year for some celebration and cheer. This year, especially after going through trying periods of pandemic, everybody has been waiting patiently for the end of the year, the shift of season along with the holidays. 

Now that we are done with the long, heartwarming holiday of Thanksgiving full of the most nostalgic gastronomical delights, we are all ready to get the baubles out for Christmas and New year. 

At ThunderBolt paper, we are particularly fond of the holiday season because of all the beautiful things that are made of paper and are a crucial part of the celebrations. There is always a way to include beautiful paper in holiday decorations, and we absolutely love everything that includes paper, even Boxing Day! Let's find out a bit more about this extra holiday we have each year. 

What is Boxing Day exactly?

Every year Boxing Day falls on 26th of December preceded by hearty Christmas celebrations.

After having an overdose of food and celebrating Christmas, taking much needed family photos for the next year's season's greeting cards, or family picture cards, Boxing Day comes as a respite from spending a day doing nothing.

For most people, it is a holiday and time to relax from the celebratory activities around Christmas. 

Traditions around Boxing Day

Traditionally, the holiday was observed a day after Christmas, meant to give the household employees or servants some gifts in boxes along with the day off so that they can celebrate Christmas with family. 

Relaxing with family

This includes participating in nothing and staying in to make the most of a holiday. Many people love to spend time with family watching a movie or doing some calm and relaxing activity such as crafting with all the boxes around the house. 

Paper craft is one such activity that suffices the need of a relaxing project that includes people of all ages while creating something beautiful with creative craft paper. 

Extend gifts and generosity. 

A lot of people choose to give their employees a day off and offer annual bonuses along with gifts.

This also extends to the needy and underprivileged people of the society. Many people donate food, clothing and money to the shelters or volunteer help. 

Public holiday. 

A lot of countries observe Boxing Day as a public holiday. If December 26 falls on a Sunday or Saturday, it is ensured that it falls on a weekday for a Boxing Day holiday. 

In some countries if an employee has to work on a Boxing Day then they are paid extra for working that day. 

Packing up Christmas decorations

Since the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving, a lot of people start decorating their houses or offices for the holiday season and sending greeting cards. 

After having spent hours decorating the Christmas tree for your living room, Boxing Day Holiday is also an ideal day for taking down and packing up Christmas tree decorations. 

You can make the most of the festive season decorations of 2021 by reusing some of them. You can probably use a lot of chipboard stickers and family picture cards for the next year without any problems. 


Even though the festive season usually means a lot of food and quality time with family, countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa observe test cricket matches on Boxing Day. 

Some parts of the UK and US observe Boxing Day for hunting as well. 

Shopping for sales and bargains

We know a lot of traditions associated with Boxing Day which are not limited to giving boxes full of gifts, Boxing Day is also primarily a holiday meant for shopping and annual sales. 

Similar to Black Friday sales, Boxing Day is also one of the major days to grab the best deals on your favorite products. 

Make sure you check out the sales for Boxing Day 2021 if you have been planning to stock up on some parchment paper for your next project. 

Regardless of a holiday season, we would love to hear from you through any of our social media handles or in the comments below. We are always looking forward to knowing about your experience with our product, as well as feedback about anything.