Reuse Your Paper Scraps

All of us have been part of the  massive holiday season and festivities. So many of us have been a part of numerous parties ever since Halloween in October. And with Christmas in a few days and New year only a week away, there is one thing that is impossible to not come across : paper. 

From the endless decorations, wall hangings, gifts and shopping, we keep coming across different kinds of paper products that end up piling up in the trash. Even if you might just be trying your best to upscale everything and paper crafting your way through decorations it's practically impossible to not come across more paper. 

At ThunderBolt paper, we are always trying to find out new ways to use paper products because we truly believe in reusing and recycling paper.

And here are a few of our favourite ways you can use all your paper scraps.

Layer paper

 If you have a lot of different kinds of paper scraps lying around then try making a craft project that can include multiple layers of paper.

6For example, using different patterns and colours of paper scraps to look like multiple layers of a cake on top of a seasonal greeting for Christmas greeting cards is one such way of using the scraps.  

 Many wall art items and displays made out of paper can make an excellent use of different layers and colours of paper. 

Try quilling

Quilling is a simple paper craft that uses all kinds of paper into thin strips of paper that is then rolled into different shapes. 

The brilliant thing about quilling is that you don't require any special paper for it and you can use all your scraps and roll them away into arrangements. 

Christmas tags/ gift tags

All through the year we go through several situations where we need tags for gifts or products and scrap paper is excellent to be used for such small paper items.

Especially since Christmas is here and new year is around the corner a lot of presents need to be wrapped and have gift tags on them. 


You can simply glue a few pieces of paper together so that you can have a slightly thicker paper for the tags. 

Make scrapbook 

Lots of colourful gift wrapping paper and pattern paper can be used in the most exciting paper craft of all that he uses scrap paper almost exclusively, also known as scrapbooking. 

So many small shapes, borders and designs can be made with different scraps of paper that are just perfect for scrapbooking with photos and different memorabilia. 

Greeting cards with scraps

For those of you who wait for festivities and holiday season simply so that you can make personalized handmade greeting cards using scraps can be an actually more fun activity than a challenge. 

Greeting cards are a fun paper crafting activity that allows using different kinds of thicknesses , colours and patterns of paper to decorate the cars. 

Wall decor 

You can use different patterns and types of paper to make stencils words stickers that can form wall decor or art. 

You can also make festive quotations or use die cut stickers that can be used for decoration all to be put on display as wall art. 

A quick Google search can help you find many different ways and tutorials you can use paper to make decorative displays.

Make confetti

There is always room for confetti and what is better than loads of different colours of paper that can be similar shapes. 

For celebratory functions such as birthdays or anniversaries you can fill up balloons with confetti to make by upcycling and reusing scrap paper. 

Christmas ornaments/ curled paper strip ornaments

One of the best times to find different uses for scrap paper is christmas. 

Not only can you make different kinds of decorations even with the scrap paper you already have, you can add only a few embellishments or ribbon string of fabrics to make elaborate decorative ornaments for your Christmas tree. 

At the end of the day we always like this that only your imagination is the limit to the things you can do with paper. We would love to hear your ideas for the things we can make with scrap paper at home in the comments or any of our social media handles that you'd prefer.